During the Summer Program: Attendance is taken on a daily basis. In a rare case, a student may be advanced to a higher level during a Summer program. In the July Summer Dance Intensive an individual student may be placed in ballet classes that are of a different level than their Contemporary or Jazz classes. During summer intensives Students are placed according to their level of technique.

During the School Year: Students in the Children's & Pre-Professional Division must attend all classes at their Level. Students are placed according to their level of technique. Parents of all students must consult with the School Director to ensure that their child is placed in the proper level to achieve optimal success in their training, and that they have registered correctly to meet the attendance requirements of the child's level.

Additional Notes:

  • Those who wish a less rigorous class regimen should enroll in the Open Division.
  • Students who have perfect attendance at their level may take classes the next level up with permission from the Director.
  • Advancement takes place individually, at a student's own pace, not automatically at the end of a School Year.
  • Sometimes it may take longer, and sometimes less than one School Year to advance to the next level up, depending on the student and the amount of weekly practice they are doing.
  • Students may move up at any time, at the discretion of the Director.

Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class. Students should be ready, standing at the barre. Those who arrive late to a class cannot assume that they have been counted present, but if counted present, an "L" will be written in the Attendance book. Three "L"'s equals an absence, and the class must be made up in order to achieve Perfect Attendance for Honor Roll and High Honors, awards which are recognized at the end of the School Year in a special Awards and Honors ceremony.

*New students may take a trial class for the School Year classes starting in the fall. If a student enrolls, the class is counted along with the rest of the tuition for that class, which is prorated if the student is starting after the School Year begins. If the student opts not to enroll, they simply walk away and do not owe anything.

**It is expected that students will make up missed classes. However, if a class cannot be made up, as long as the School Director is notified in advance, that class may be deducted from the next Month or Quarter.