Ballet has many mental and physical benefits for all ages. The Chambersburg Ballet welcomes anyone who is interested in learning dance. Whether this is your first time learning dance or you have been doing it for some time, Chambersburg Ballet will be glad to have you with us.

It doesn't matter if you have a background in dancing or if you are a beginner with no experience, anyone can start ballet dancing. Once you have given it a try, you might find that you love it and want to come back again and again.

Benefits of Ballet for Young Children

  • They learn to follow instructions;
  • They gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions and steps;
  • They learn co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion;
  • They are active and getting daily exercise;
  • They become comfortable performing before groups;

Benefits of Ballet for Children

  • They develop long, lean and strong muscles from the practice of ballet
  • They gain a sense of self-confidence and pride in their bodies and what they can accomplish
  • They learn how to work to get what they want out of their performance
  • The skills learned in ballet are useful for other forms of dancing like tap or jazz if they want to take that up later
  • They learn about proper nutrition to keep their bodies in shape so they can dance

Benefits of Ballet for Adults

  • Improves flexibility, tones and lengthens muscles and improves strength 
  • Improves stamina, coordination and posture 
  • Increases energy, stamina and self-confidence
  • Burns calories, keeps bones strong, improve balance
  • and so much more! 

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