The Chambersburg Ballet provides additional performance opportunities through its regional dance company. The dance company holds auditions annually in September, for dancers interested in performing in the Company *for a term lasting the entire school year, concluding with the end-of-school-year performances in June. (*Please do not audition if you think you may not fulfill your school year commitment.)

Children ages 8-12 are generally accepted as Trainees or Junior Dancers. Occasionally an especially gifted child younger than 8 may be allowed to become a Trainee if they are willing to meet the training requirement of at least 4 ballet technique classes per week necessary to build and maintain an appropriate technical level to be cast in Company performance roles. Daily or even multiple daily classes are strongly encouraged for all dancers. There is no upper age cut-off. Teen/Adult and/or Open Division students may audition for any category they wish to be included in. Dancers who must miss the audition may request one in the context of a ballet class, although it is preferable to be auditioned with peers, dancing choreography from the Company repertoire, which is only given at the September Nutcracker/Company Auditions.

Each Company Category has a minimum ballet technique training commitment, including a Junior/Senior Company Class, or a Trainee/Junior Company Class, depending on level.
Company Categories (Training Commitment):

  • Trainees and Junior Dancers: At least 4 days per week (Pointes as required by Level)
  • Auxiliary Dancers: " " 3 " " " ( " " " " " ) 
  • 1st Year Senior Dancers: " " 5 " " " ( " " " " " ) 
  • Senior Dancers: " " 6 " " " ( " " " " " )
  • (Soloist & Principal Dancers: Highly trained Chambersburg Ballet Instructors, scheduled as available. These dancers are evaluated outside of Company auditions, during classes which they attend.)

Company Rehearsal Nights: Senior & 1st-year Senior Dancers are given priority whenever possible in the casting of company roles, at the discretion of the Artistic Director, and since they often have solo roles, may have a rehearsal on any weeknight, as well as on Saturday. Most rehearsals for Trainees and Junior Dancers are held on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening, (technique class days), plus Friday evening, & Saturdays. Auxiliary dancers are strong, usually older dancers, capable of dancing solo roles. NOTE: Although Company Rehearsals are mandatory for all other categories, Soloist, Principal, and Auxiliary Dancers arrange their rehearsal schedules personally with the Artistic Director, and sometimes may not be at all rehearsals that all other categories must attend. 

To learn more about classes, schedules and tuition, click here. 

Members of the Company

1st Row (left to right): Libby Brown, Alcinda Burchill, Gwendolyn Cate, Caylee Cooley, Melani David. 2nd Row (left to right): Daeja Doll-Smith, Bridget Gallagher, Jocelyn Henninger, Jayden Hull, Myla Keller. 3rd Row (left to right): Angelina Lenherr, Reese Mickey, Leyshla Oquendo, Beena Pallavaram, Jenna Smith. 4th Row (left to right): Klaire Talhelm, Hayden Thomas, Anya Tlanda, Sarah Voight.