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Student Information

  • Do I need to have ballet experience to take a class?
    No! Classes are open to anyone age 3 years of age and older. If a class requires any pre-requisites, it will say so in the class description.
  • Where can I buy dance clothing and shoes?
    For beginner dancers, you can try Target or Amazon for leotards, skirts, tights and slippers. For developing or experienced dancers, you can shop online including, or find a locally owned store such as Footlights Dance and Theatre Boutique (Frederick), 360 Dance Fitters (Carlisle) or Wilkins Shoe Center.
  • Do I have to register for the full 9 months for fall/spring classes?
    You can sign up and pay for one month at a time, or receive a discount for paying for the full year up front. Our hope is dancers will commit to the full 9 months, but we understand that life happens and things change. Paying monthly provides your family the flexibility you may need. We also accept enrollments year-round, so you can sign up to join a class even after they have started. The exception is for dancers who are in the Dance Company. They are expected to fulfill their company dance class/training requirements for the full season (September through early June with a break around the winter holidays).
  • Female Students: Pre-K through Primary
    Preschool: Pink leotard (no skirt), pink matte (not shiny) tights and pink slippers. Hair in a bun if long enough, bangs pinned back. Primary 1: Black leotard, pink matte (not shiny) tights and pink slippers. Hair in a bun if long enough, bangs pinned back. Ribbons may be added at the recommendation of the School Director.
  • Male Students: Pre-K through Primary
    Plain white T-shirt or white fitted dance shoes with black shorts and black slippers. Hair that is long should be pulled back with a bandana, or pulled into a bun if long enough.
  • Female Students: Ballet Levels 1 and Up
    Leotards must be of one solid color, with no underwear showing. Any conservative color leotard (dark blue, dark green, burgundy, dark purple). Pink or skin-toned tights and pink slippers with ribbons. A georgette or jersey skirt is permissible. Hair in a bun, with hairnet, properly secured (no ponytails) Pointe shoes need ribbons sewn at an angle so that they do not bunch. No watches, bracelets or hoop earrings. Glasses must have a strap so that they stay on during turns.
  • Male Students: Ballet Levels 1 and Up
    White T-shirt or white fitted dance shirt In colder weather, long-sleeved white shirt is permissible Black footed tights (Level 2 and up may substitute for gray or navy blue tights) Black ballet slippers Long hair should be secured back with a bandana
  • Open Ballet Classes
    There is no Dress Code for Open Ballet Classes (one-off classes). However, no street shoes can be worn on the studio floors. Wear ballet slippers if you have them. Socks are also acceptable for these open classes. It is recommended that long hair be pulled back into a bun.
  • Summer Classes
    Attendance is taken on a daily basis. In a rare case, a student may be advanced to a higher level during a Summer program.
  • Fall/Spring Classes
    Details here.
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